About agency eleven

Providing the most effective digital marketing solutions in the industry, delivering results, and reinvesting profits in client success, employee success, and community involvement is the mission of Agency Eleven Group.

small team.
big results.

Our light footprint combined with an extended network of professionals allows us to choose only clients we find to be a good fit while also being able to provide complex solutions to your business’ needs.

Personal Attention

Evan and Dave are involved in every project Agency Eleven takes on. We work with you to customize your strategy and stand by our product every step of the way.

Diverse Experience

Besides our technical expertise, we have deep experience launching new businesses, brands, and locations, as well as planning marketing strategies and roadmapping digital presence.

Proven Results

Analytics are a strong component of all Agency Eleven projects. We track and share your growth throughout your project.

Ready to help your business grow.

We are a performance-marketing agency specializing in local SEO, multichannel digital strategy, email marketing, and paid search. We started Agency Eleven Group on the principals of responsiveness, relationships, and results.

Dave Irmiter

Focused on usability, responsivity, and modern, creative designs, Dave is your project lead on website development. His diverse background with site development lets you incorporate the services and features in your project to make use of your website’s full potential. Dave brings his expertise in multi-site & multi-location development & management, user flow, web analytics, and up-to-date modern design practices to each and every agency eleven project.

Evan Madeo

Evan is an entrepreneur, industry speaker, influencer and digital strategist. He is the CEO and Co-Founder of Agency Eleven Group. Having started his digital career at Google in Mountain View, he has helped thousands of businesses  grow their digital presence, by building powerful websites, optimize their SEO, and running digital ads that consistently return a high return on investment. Evan’s mission is to help others grow their businesses, with a passion for all things related to digital marketing.